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1:53 a.m. - 2008-12-19
Another quick update
I really wish I had more time to update this.... I guess I just wish I had more time in general.

Life has been going good. My nephew Landon was born on Sept 17th (my father's birthday) and absolutely precious. He now 3 months and almost 17lbs. He's definetly a big boy! Jonathan just adores him.

I have also became a sexual assault nurse examiner and am currently finishing my clinical portion for my PreHospital RN. I still love my job, just hate the hours. I work both days and night and the switch isn't easy. I must be getting old.

Jonathan had his first season of soccer and really enjoyed it. The little guy knew little to nothing about the sport in the beginning but caught on quick. By the end of the season, his skill level was equal to the other members, who have had years of experience. Jon has also started basketball practice. He is quite amazing. He can make almost any shot, he just hasn't quite mastered the art of dribbling.

Hopefully after the holidays I will be able to update more frequently. If I don't get a chance to write before then, happy holidays to all!



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